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Pakistan-Iran Relations - Doctrine Of Necessity

Pakistan-Iran Relations

 Pakistan-Iran Relations
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Tensions between Pakistan and Iran have increased because they both carried out military attacks within each other’s borders. Pakistan targeted Baloch separatists in Iran, while Iran launched missiles at the Jaish al Adl, a terror group, in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. Despite this conflict, the two countries have a long history of diplomatic relations. Here are some important things that have influenced their relationship over the years.

Militant Groups

In April 2017, things got really tense between Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan) and Tehran (the capital of Iran). Members of Jaish al Adl killed 10 Iranian border guards and ran away to the Pakistani side of the border. The leader of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, told Pakistan to deal with the group. He warned that if Pakistan didn’t handle it, Iran had the power to attack places where militants hide, no matter where they are. In 2022, rebels from Balochistan in Pakistan, who want to be independent from the government in Islamabad, attacked a checkpoint in the Kech district. They killed 10 soldiers from Pakistan. Pakistan said that Iran helped the attack and told them that if more attacks happen, Pakistan will take strong action.


Economical interests of Pakistan and Iran

Even though Pakistan and Iran have had some good times and some bad times in their relations, they are still very connected when it comes to trade. Towns along the border in Pakistan have lots of Iranian goods, like petrol, shampoos, and yogurt brands.

In 2020, Iran sold goods worth $352 million to Pakistan, making it the third biggest place where Iran sends its products. According to Iran’s customs data, in the first half of 2022, Iran sold goods worth $321 million to Pakistan, and Pakistan sold goods worth $110 million to Iran.

Last year, the two countries agreed to increase their trade to $5 billion in the coming years.

In 2017, the main banks in both countries signed an agreement about banking and payments. This helped them work together better financially and made it easier to get credit.

Geopolitics of Pakistan and Iran 

Geopolitics, which is how countries deal with each other, makes the relationship between Pakistan and Iran even more complicated.

Iran supports groups like the Houthis in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon. These groups sometimes go against the United States and its friends in the Middle East.

The Houthis have been fighting with a group led by Saudi Arabia for many years. But, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are good friends, and Saudi Arabia gives a lot of money to Pakistan to help them with their money issues.


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